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Some Fabulous and Cheap Hotels in London

As the world struggles to rise out of a global economic recession, the idea of a vacation in a fabulous world capital like London may seem like an impossible dream. However, it's still possible to have a terrific vacation with a little advance planning and some research into free sights and cheap hotels in London.
Unless you're committed to saving for a stay in a luxury London hotel, finding quality budget accommodations are a lot easier than one might suppose. Pick the part of London you want to use as your base, and start hotel shopping.

First-timers will probably do well to pick a base in Bayswater, Bloomsbury or Kensington. These neighborhoods will put visitors fairly close to all the major attractions that first-timers want to see.

The neighborhood known as Bayswater sits north of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Bayswater has become known as the place for a bounty of cheap-to-midrange small hotels and a few hostels, often next to very expensive apartments. Budget accommodations here are fairly anonymous accommodations, but some can be rather charming. Because Bayswater is mostly residential, it's a good spot for those who need a quiet place to sleep. Prices here range between £60 and £125 for a double room. A typical hotel at the higher end is the Best Western Paddington Court Hotel & Suites, which sits about a block from Hyde Park. This is an example of a chain hotel with modern conveniences and without surprises.

Located north of the West End and Piccadilly Circus, Bloomsbury is an absolute must for visitors with a literary passion. The neighborhood that spawned the Bloomsbury Group centers on Russell Square and the imposing British Museum (which could be an entire vacation stay on its own). Although on the whole Bloomsbury trends toward pricey, there are some affordable London hotels available. Look for some budget-friendly bed-and-breakfast inns along Gower Street west of the University of London. Another more expensive option, but larger and with more amenities, is the Tavistock Hotel, part of the Imperial hotel chain a block North of Russell Square.

Kensington/Notting Hill is prime territory for a charming bed and breakfast. Kensington Palace, the former residence of Princess Diana and other royals is here, so there are plenty of upscale amenities. Most hotels here are quite expensive, although a double room for £90 a night can be found with some diligent searching.
Not surprisingly, some of the most affordable hotels in London can be found in areas near major transportation hubs, such as King's Cross, Paddington Station and Victoria Station. These are good locations for those who only have a couple of days to spend in London. If staying longer, it would be better to find economical accommodation in more charming areas.

King's Cross and Victoria Station are both known good value, but questionable surroundings. King's Cross in particular is definitely considered a "low-rent" area, where double rooms range between £50 and £90. However, there are both larger chain hotels and small hotels in the area that are quite lovely and friendly. Victoria Station is a much grittier neighborhood, but undeniably convenient for sightseeing, being close to Buckingham Palace, St. James Park and a short Tube ride to Westminster Abbey. Rates here run £50 and £80 for a double room. Paddington Station offers huge numbers of hotels in all sizes and prices, with rates pretty average for London between £70 and £95 for a double.

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