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Rome Hotels and Tourism

Ah, Rome! One of the world's most romantic cities with luxurious Rome hotels can be also one of the most frustrating to first-time visitors who may not have done their homework. The best place to start is by looking over hotels in Rome to get a sense of where you want to go.

Realistically, visitors need a good four days to see what Rome has to offer without having to rush. After all, those centuries of history aren't to be skimmed over lightly! Visitors with a particular interest will want to look for hotels in Rome that are reasonably close to their preferred sights.

For instance, many tour guides suggest starting at the Coliseum, then on to the forum past the Arch of Constantine, with a walk to the Circus Maximus, followed by a visit to the baths of Caracalla. If there's enough time left in your first day and your Rome hotel is located nearby, then you might check out the Appian Way, or backtrack some from Coliseum area to explore the Aventine to find a trattoria for supper. Among the reasonably priced Rome hotels near the Coliseum is the Hotel Fiori, on a street filled with charming cafés, shops and restaurants a few minutes from Piazza Venezia. There's a bus stop right by the hotel and a Metro stop within a 5-minute walk.

If you're definitely sticking to a budget while in room, then you'll want to look at some of the recommended three-star Rome hotels, which average between 60 and 80 Euros a night. Among these are the Hotel Garda, located around the corner from the Via Veneto and five minutes away from the famous Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. This Rome hotel is particularly famous for its quality of service. To travel farther than the neighborhood of your hotel, consider getting a 3-day transportation ticket known as a romapass, which also gives free admission to 2 sites and discounts to others.

Should your budget allow for something more luxurious, Hotel Dei Mellini is superbly located on the right bank of the Tiber River, between St. Peter's Cathedral and the Spanish Steps. There's an underground Metro station nearby these Rome hotels, which along with several bus lines provide convenient access to the many magnificent sights of Vatican City, which is its own city-state within the confines of Rome. Several other nice hotels in Rome are located in its vicinity

Visitors who, sadly, have no more than 48 hours to visit lovely Rome definitely will want to book hotels in Rome that are located in the city center. Among these are four-star accommodations such as Hotel Locanda Cairoli and Hotel Roma Boutique, three-star hotels such as Hotel Trinità Dei Monti, Hotel Galatea, Hotel St. Moritz or the Hotel Montecitorio. There are even very low-budget two-star hotels in Rome such as the Hotel Texas, Hotel 7 Kings Relais and Hotel Clarin that are well located for visitors without much time.

A final note: Don't be tempted by the low hotel prices available in July and August. Those months in Rome can be oppressively hot, and August is called the "Ferragosto," the month-long vacation when Romans leave to escape the heat and the city basically closes up. The best months to visit Rome are May and October, when temperatures are milder and the golden glow of an Italian sunset brings a perfect Roman holiday to a close.

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